I trained in what is known as the 8-Eyed Model of Supervision. Taken from the 7-Eyed Model developed by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet in 1985, the additional lens or eye is the transpersonal.

It is a relational model in that it focuses on the relationship between client, therapist, and supervisor, and systemic in that it focuses on the interplay between each of those relationships and their context within a wider system.

The 8 eyes are,

1. Focus on the Client

2. Focus on Interventions

3. Focus on Client- Therapist Relationship

4. Focus on Therapist's Process

5. Focus on Therapist-Supervisor Relationship

6. Focus on Supervisor's Process

7. Focus on Wider Context

8. Focus on the Transpersonal Realm

I believe supervision to be a joint creative exploration of the themes that emerge in the work with your client, using all the tools to hand to shed light on the process and to find solutions or to support what is going well.

The current recommendation is 90 minutes per 4 week period. However therapist's with a heavy caseload may choose to work fortnightly to best support their clients.

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